Me Peter, you Jayne

Dear Frank,

I am so grateful that you found time to meet with Jayne Ozanne and receive her powerful testimony. Jayne, as I am sure you have grasped, represents all that is honest, Spirit-filled and forward looking in the Church of England. I am so proud of her and her witness.

If our churches are to reverse decline and move on, we must listen to the Spirit of the Age. Jayne, despite all her neuroses, is showing us the way. I have to admit that our dear old CofE is not exactly thriving at the moment, with only 1% of young people admitting to affiliation; but the darkest hour comes before the dawn, and so we must just persevere in the daring course we have adopted.

Of course, like you, we have our gainsayers – the rigid and the neo-Pelagians. They are just nostalgic for the old days, when churches were full and sermons hardly never referred to sex. But like the nostalgia for Empire, we have to put such things behind us. We have moved on!

People like Jayne show us the way forward. As your visionary Amazon Synod goes to show, we must all become inculturated into the changing world around us.  Jayne is part of the ecology of the world in which we live. She is part of the glorious diversity of race, custom and religion which God has given us in his wonderful creation.  

Yours inclusively.


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