Dear Frank,

Just a line to thank you for making a saint out of our own dear John Henry. We found him an invaluable asset in the run-up to women’s ordination. The very idea that doctrine actually develops made all the difference among the minority of clergy who care about these things.

Of course there were those who majored on the idea that doctrine changes in order to remain the same. But far more applied the adage “To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often.” And of course we Anglicans in our institutions and practices are always, in our modest way, striving after perfection.

You too will probably find John Henry a pliable partner in achieving whatever it is you have decided you want from the Amazon Synod. Good luck! From our point of view even married priests and female deacons would be a step in the right direction. Change and be perfect is my advice to you.

Your friend and admirer,


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