A Modest Proposal

It is certainly true that the Amazon Synod and its Instrumentum Laboris have occasioned comment from both the traditionalist and revisionist wings of the Catholic Church. But none more controversial than a recent contribution by Cardinal Alfonso Rodriguez of Veracrucia, Brazil.

Taking his cue from the Instrumentum (which majors on what the Church can learn from the culture of indigenous tribes) Rodriguez cites the widespread practice of infanticide among Amazonian tribespersons.

‘We need to learn from the practices of peoples insulated from the contamination of contact with the West,’ says the Cardinal, ‘and the humane disposal of unwanted children is a case in point. This is not to seen as an object of moral opprobrium, but as a meaningful response to the adverse effects of the human impact on the natural environment.’

‘As ecological scientists have repeatedly told us, there are just too many people. We can learn from our Amazonian brothers and sisters a new way of restoring the balance between man and the environment. This is merely an extension of what affluent people in Europe and North America are achieving through state-sponsored abortion. How much better than medical intervention, simply to return the child to the forest of which it is a part!’

To support Cardinal Rodriguez, Extinction Rebellion has sent a deputation, which is currently blocking the Via della Conciliazione with random encampments representing Amazonian villages.

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