„Ohne Juda, ohne Rom bauen wir Germaniens Dom“  Georg von Schönerer (1842-1921)

Nobody can deny that the Germans have form.

Hot on the heals of Bismark’s Kulturekampf came Hitler’s bid to recreate the Catholic Church in the image of the Third Reich. Now Reinhold Marx, with his ‘synodical path’ is hell bent on conforming Christianity to the mores of the new metaphysics. The words of Jesus of Nazareth on marriage, and the teaching of the Church Universal on homosexuality are to be put to the vote of a ‘synod’ of clergy and laity. How that synod will be selected and constituted is by no means clear. But, as Cardinal Brandmüller has warned, its conclusions may be the beginnings of a schism which will spread elsewhere.

Brandmüller is right. Not only because infidelity is catching, but because the causes which motivate this self-selected synod (mainly concerns about sex and sexuality) are those which focus the struggle which is taking place in all Western societies between Christianity and the emerging post-Christian consensus.

This ugly consensus outlaws the rationally held opinions of the (recent) past and turns them into phobias. Its own opinions it reformulates into dogmas. Who dares predict what new dogmas may emerge from this new Synodical Path?

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