Parliamentary Paradoxes

Have I got this straight?

It all began with a woman in favour of Remaining pretending to Leave, opposed by a man in favour of Leaving pretending to Remain.

Then there is the paradox of the Labour Party – whose constituencies were two to one in favour of Brexit in 2016 ā€“ moving, in 2919, to support Remain.

And the paradox of the Brexit Party – bent upon splitting the Leave vote, thereby assuring the success of a Remain alliance.

Boris Johnson, it is true, has united the Tory Party behind Brexit , but paradoxically at the cost of expelling twenty-one senior Tories, and so losing his tenuous majority.

The ultimate paradox, of course, is of Remainers claiming that, because of the 52/48 split at the Referendum, concessions should be made to them in any Withdrawal Treaty- when no one could remotely suppose that, had they won, they would have made equivalent concessions to Leavers.

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