Where the buck stops

How long, one wonders, does the list of senior clerics accused of sexual misconduct have to be before the Vatican undertakes a thorough investigation on the lines of the British IICSA?

The IICSA, without fear or favour,r has savaged the Anglican Diocese of Chichester, and the Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham; has effectively ended the ministry of a former Archbishop of Canterbury; and sullied the reputation of the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster. In short, it has taken the complaints of victims seriously. By way of contrast, the Vatican has done virtually nothing about loud accusations – in particular from Latin America. It has even given asylum to alleged offenders.

Who is to blame for this inaction? The answer can only be one man – the Sovereign Pontiff.

In a regime which has consistently emphasised the omni-competence of the successor of Peter, there is no place to hide. Francis should initiate a thoroughgoing, independent and wide-ranging investigation forthwith. Only such a course of action can remove the growing suspicion that the Holy See itself is complicit in the alleged offences.

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