New New Testament

We are proud to announce the publication of the
Pope Francis New Testament.

Urged by many of those close to him, the Holy Father has chosen to assist the Church by putting his exceptional charism of Greek Translation
at our disposal.

All the questions about scripture that you have always pondered:

Was Mary really a Virgin?
Was Paul a raging homophobe?
Did Mary Magdalen found the Church?
Is divorce really forbidden?
Is adultery such a bad thing after all?
Should murderers be hanged?
Will anyone be cast into a lake of fire?

are authoritatively answered in this scintillating sequel to
Pope Francis: Our Father.

This inspired translation will supersede all others for Catholics. It is mandatory for readings at Mass*.

This is a work of scholarship and insight – truly a Jesus for the post-Vatican II era. This, at last, is a New Testament I can really believe in.’ Austen Ivereigh

Jesus and Paul are revealed for the gay-friendly, inclusive personalities they really were. If only the NT had been like this from the beginning!’ Fr James Martin.

*presently available only in Italian and Spanish

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