As books about the thought of Pope Francis multiply, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana announces the first in a series which will explain key terms in the theology of Francis.

Said Fr Antonio Spadaro: ‘Some have written-off the Holy Father’s thinking as impromptu and off-the-cuff. Nothing could be further from the truth. This series will reveal the profundity of his reflections and the sophistication of his language. Never a word is deployed casually or without deep premeditation, because Pope Francis knows that his every dictum is Magisterium’.

The first volume of the series is devoted to a complex inter-relationship of ideas and concepts which is at the heart of the Holy Father’s thinking about the nature and future of the Church: ‘evangelisation’,  ‘proselytism’ and ‘apologetics’. Many have asked what Pope Francis means by these terms.  Are they the same thing? Does it matter? To the current debate, this series will bring long-awaited clarity.

With a foreword by Cardinal Walter ‘Barmherzigkeit’ Kaspet in every volume, these books are essential reading for everyone who wants to be part of the ‘Francis Revolution’.

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