Frustrated of Canterbury

Dear Frank,

It has, I know, been a long time since I wrote; but how are things? In particular, I was wondering how you are getting on with women deacons. I know you are keen.

Perhaps it will surprise you that I am getting markedly less enthusiastic about WO. I have to say that it is proving more of a hassle than I expected. The women bishops, in particular, are dead set on gay marriage and all things LGBTQ+. I suppose one should have expected it. But it creates such unnecessary headaches with the Global South contingent.

We have a thing called the Anglican Consultative Council, at meetings of which (in some inconveniently distant part of the world) I have to listen to the regressive opinions of a whole bunch of African undesirables. All they want is for things not to change – like your rigid lot. And we seem unable to convince them that in the modern world no-change is not an option.  

‘To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often’. ( We must be pretty close to perfection by now!) You can’t imagine how frequently I tell them so. But they are fixated by something they call ‘The Faith once delivered’. I just don’t understand it.

If only I were infallible, like you, or if only we Anglicans had something like your Magisterium. Instead we have to put everything to a vote and include a whole bunch of reactionaries in the counting. Like you, I see myself as a moderate, but I tell you, these reactionaries get me riled.

Why can’t everyone be wise, conciliatory and progressive, like us?

 Your frustrated friend,


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