Re-shuffle II

The fact that, evidently, Cardinal Mueller did not receive a copy of the draft proposals for the re-organisation of the Curia speaks volumes. Mueller was Ratzinger’s choice to replace him at the CDF, and so is the custodian of the Great Tradition.

Any review committee, whilst maintaining its own independence, would sensibly take note of Mueller’s comments. We can conclude that Francis and his (now depleted) coterie of cardinal advisers anticipated what Mueller would say, and knew it to be antipathetic to their own intentions.  To elevate ‘evangelisation’ above the conservation of doctrine is in line with current Papal Populism, as evidenced by the recent emendation of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Bergoglio clearly thinks that capitulation to the zeitgeist is the only real evangelism, and intends to enshrine it at the heart of the Curia.

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