The serious commentators have given us little help in understanding the new arrangements which constitute Francis’s long-awaited re-organisation of the Vatican dicasteries. But the auguries are not good. The CDF, it seems, is to be subsumed into a new and all-encompassing department of ‘Evangelisation’.  

In the Francis vocabulary ‘evangelism’, GOOD; ‘proselytism’ BAD.

Evangelism, for him, is not explaining the truths of the Catholic Faith and defending them against all-comers, but assimilating those truths, so far as possible, to the consensus of modern Western society. ‘Prosyletism’ is a fierce and unyielding assertion of veracity; ‘evangelistion’ is a process of gentle accommodation.

You can be sure that in the new and governing dicastery there will be no more Muellers.

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