Global Warning

Cute, or not?

Am I alone in thinking that Greta Thunberg (the Swedish teenager who is credited with single-handedly initiating the current wave of climate protests) is a fearful little prig? Who credits a pig-tailed Horseman of the Apocalypse? If she is what Pope Francis meant recently about the importance of listening to the young, then there is good reason to be alarmed.

The young (contrary to a prevalent superstition) do not necessarily know better. Indeed, in so far as they are indoctrinated by a largely left-of-centre teaching profession, their notions are likely to be jejune, and, paradoxically, at the same time, vieux-jeux.

Why should we grandstand Thunberg, whose simplistic message fails to recognise the political complexities with which statesmen have been wrestling for decades? Come to think of it, why (at the other end of the age spectrum) should we, on this subject, listen to Francis – who is a layman in the scientific debate, and a bystander to the political argument.

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