In Absentia

So Cardinal Parolin (standing in, it seems, for the Pope) has conducted a conference with fifty or so campaigning homosexuals, eager to present the ‘results’ of recent ‘research’. How wise of the Holy Father to absent himself! For there is surely nothing which ‘research’ can reveal about homosexuality which is not already known or suspected.

The visitors, it was said, sought to gain the Vatican’s support and sympathy on the grounds of human rights.

It is true that the Catholic Church is an assiduous upholder of the natural rights of all. But she also holds that homosexual acts are in themselves sinful and disordered. Buggery is no more a human right than burglary. Whilst the Holy See can – and does – condemn inhumane and unreasonable punishments for either, both remain in the realm of reprehensible misconduct.

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