Brexitea II

Anecdotal evidence is emerging that the Church of England initiative for a ‘Day of Tea and Prayer’ in face of Brexit is being rejected by a majority of clergy. Apart from the fact that few things unite the Church of England (including the desire to foster unity) this should come as no surprise. Surveys show that though 66% of Anglicans voted to leave, 99% of clergy (a 100% of bishops) voted to remain.

Anglicans should ponder these results in their hearts.

They indicate a clergy/laity disconnect which extends far beyond votes on Brexit. Archbishops who are vociferously calling for ‘national unity and reconciliation’ (aka Remain) are demonstrably at loggerheads with the beliefs and aspirations of their own people. Who can doubt that on other pressing issues – gay marriage, transgender matters and the rest – the disconnect is similar.

How comes it that a Church so divided and conflicted can have the temerity to pretend to heal the divisions of the nation? How comes it that an out-of-touch clergy can pretend to speak for ‘the Church’?

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