Apocalypse Soon?

The Church of England (44 diocesan bishops = 44 remoaners) is sponsoring a five day prayer vigil for Brexit. (Why five? Who knows? One for each possible referendum?)

Justin Welby, it appears, has co-opted the Almighty in the cause of Project Fear:

‘We cannot ignore the warnings that have been proffered about the possible profound impact that the next months may possibly have on the poorest of our society. We must be ready for any difficulties and uncertainties, and not allow any destructive forces to create further divisions in our society’, he told the General Synod. Which, being translated, means that disaster is certain and only God himself can mitigate it. (Ignore the ‘possible’ and the ‘possibily’)

It is absurd that the CofE thinks it still has the moral authority to unite the nation in prayer. But that fact apart, this call to prayer is a tragic miscalculation. It identifies the Church with a contentious political position, and courts well deserved ridicule, if and when its expectation proves misguided.

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