Cupich and the Elephant

Cardinal Cupich, who is rapidly becoming the Voice of Francis, has cautioned against high expectations of tomorrow’s summit of Chairmen of Episcopal conferences. It will be limited, he says, to discussion of the abuse of minors. More’s the pity.

The Vigano testimony, as well as events in Chile, indicate two related matters which are integral to the abuse crisis: homosexuality and episcopal cronyism. If these are not addressed, then it will be clear – while seeming to deal with the most embarrassing symptoms – that the meeting will have failed to engage with the real problem.

This shallow pontificate – strong on public relations, short in transparency – is the reverse of radical. It will not – perhaps it cannot – face up to the real issues. Mum’s the word!

Days after the laicisztion of McCarrick, the judicial process has been arbitrarily shut down by papal fiat. Now we will never know who knew what when, and whether the cover-up was purposely orchestrated or simply institutional. It is clear that tomorrow’s meeting is to be stage-managed into impotence. It is difficult to summon the slightest interest in the (utterly predictable) document it will no doubt produce.  

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