Brexit Clichés

A man who looks as if he knows

The time has come for those who would reverse the Brexit decision of 2016, to provide some naked and incontrovertible facts. The time for cliché is long past.

It is now clear that most of the predictions of doom made before the vote were extravagant hyperbole. Rising wages and falling unemployment have put paid to those. What greater cash value have the current clichés about a ‘no deal scenario’?

Why a ‘cliff-edge’? What is meant by ‘crashing out’? What are the certain indications of the predicted ‘catastrophe’. Who will be imposing additional tariffs and why? In whose interests, precisely, will it be to inhibit trade?

There are surely answers to all these questions. But why are they not being given, even at this late stage?

Straight-forward answers, please, in an email, to the Radio 4 Today Programme – so we can all look forward to rational debate devoid of cant.

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