A Modest Proposal

Social attitudes evolve.

Consider, for example the gradualist approach to abortion. From extreme and exceptional cases after medical assessment, it has now come, in more enlightened parts of the world, to abortion on demand and up to birth.

But need the process end there? The logic of pro-abortion arguments surely leads on to the final realisation: that human life is at the disposal of the parent in the first instance, and beyond that, in the hands of legally constituted authority.  

Viewed compassionately, abortion/euthanasia could be an important part of the final solution of many of the world’s most pressing problems. In Yemen, Darfur and extensive parts of sub-Saharan Africa, tiny babies are dying of malnutrition every day. We see their emaciated bodies paraded before us in unnecessarily ghoulish news broadcasts. The time has come to do something about this escalating problem; something decisive, definitive and surgical.

A team of devoted practitioners, armed with syringes of appropriate medication, could eliminate the distress in short order. Bravely acknowledging the intractability of current supply problems, and setting aside the sentimental attachments of relatives incapable of practical assistance, we (from the more enlightened West) could intelligently and mercifully eliminate these local difficulties as they were being born. And at considerably less expense than the costly aid progammes which have so far had little practical effect.

These warring fanatics are intent on killing each other, that much is clear. There is nothing we can do about that.  But we can humanely mitigate the results of man’s in humanity to man.

Send your donations directly to Put Them Out of Their Misery (PTOTM):

c/o Governor Andrew Cuomo,
New York State Capitol,
State Street,
Albany, NY 12230,
United States.

Have a good day!

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