Episcopal Remoaners

Why, it needs to be asked, are the bishops of the Church of England univocally in favour of remaining in the EU (and Catholic bishops likewise, one suspects)? The answer is simple: it is for the same reason that they are supine before the advancing zeitgeist. It is because they lack courage, because timidity is their watchword.

If you were to identify the class of persons most likely to succumb to the machinations of Project Fear it would be, not the former steel workers of Hartlepool or the former miners of South Yorkshire, but the soi-disant intelligentsia which now constitutes the House of Bishops. With them no contentious doctrine is upheld, and not a goose is booed.

Women’s ordination, transgender rights, homosexual marriage: there is not a pressure group to which they will not surrender… and not a biblical precept of which they are tenacious.

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