Christmas Fare

It is a duck this year. And this is how it will be cooked.

The duck should be pricked and its skin well salted and anointed with a mixture of ground cloves and cinnamon, and balsamic vinegar. Put a handful of crushed juniper berries into the cavity. Dry it in the air for twelve hours.

Place the duck on a trivet over a pan of chicken stock and red wine, and roast in a hot oven (220) for fifteen minutes. The oven should then be reduced in temperature and the duck continued roasting until the juices run clear. The fat should then be drained from the pan and the juices reduced to half. Add (to taste) a little red currant jelly and a dash of Pedro Ximenes sherry. Serve with goose fat roast potatoes and cavalo nero, sweated and tossed with sliced cloves of garlic browned in olive oil and a sprinkling of dried chillies.

A happy Christmas to all our readers.

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