Can. 395 
§1 The diocesan Bishop is bound by the law of personal residence in his diocese, even if he has a coadjutor or auxiliary Bishop.

§2 Apart from the visit ‘ad limina’, attendance at councils or at the synod of Bishops or at the Episcopal Conference, at which he must be present, or by reason of another office lawfully entrusted to him, he may be absent from the diocese, for a just reason, for not longer than one month, continuously or otherwise, provided he ensures that the diocese is not harmed by this absence.

Recent attempts by the Vatican to limit the ubiquity of Cardinal Burke and Bishop Athanasius Schneider have fallen foul of the Law of Unintended Consequences. It has been announced that, in accordance with Canon 395, the Bishop of Rome will henceforth be obliged to spend more time in his diocese. To the despair of journalists world-wide, we are to expect no more in-flight entertainments and Magisterial impromptus. Instead of pastoral visits across the globe, the Holy Father is expected to spend more time among the people of his adopted city.

‘Like many a public figure, the Pope will be spending more time with his family.’

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