Dear Frank,

I am afraid that my schoolboy Italian is not up to a document of any length, so (rather like most of your Synod fathers, I suspect) I have had to rely on someone else’s summary. Nevertheless, it has my wholehearted approval. It was good to see that you had shoe-horned in the paras on gay lifestyle and synodality –  things which were barely discussed in the chamber, I gather. That will go down well with the youngsters we are hoping to lure back.

I have got to thinking recently about how much we can learn from the young: their vitality, their enthusiasm, their righteous indignation. Unlike us old codgers they are not rigid and fixed in their ways. In fact, they are wholly unsullied by actual experience. And these days they are virtually free from any knowledge of scripture. All these are supreme advantages in doing real theology – accompaniment and that sort of thing.

The final document of this ground-breaking Synod is a real gift of the Holy Spirit to the whole Church. And the Spirit, as always, was working under your masterful and expert guidance. Well done!

Your colleague and friend,



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