Dominvs Illvminatio Mea


In the celeritous progress of the Church of England along the Primrose Path to the Everlasting Bonfire there is, alas, another milestone to be chalked up.

The Rev’d Dr William Lamb (who he?), Vicar of the University Church in Oxford, has invited one Imam Monawar Hussain MBE DL to preach the University Sermon at the Choral Eucharist . In  the pulpit from which Keble preached on National Apostasy, and Newman bade his last farewells before being received into the Catholic Church, the homily will be delivered by one who denies the divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and to whom belief in the real and substantial presence of the Lord in the Eucharist can be at best an illusion and at worst a blasphemy.

This offence to reason and to Christian Faith has presumably secured the approbation of the Bishop of Oxford.


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