Down, Downunder

The retired Anglican Dean of Brisbane is a friend of mine. And though no one would claim that Arthur brought to the role intellectual distinction, he was an orthodox churchman and an assiduous pastor. His firm and fixed intention – which he fulfilled – was to finish John Loughborough Pearson’s great cathedral, the finest gothic building in the Southern Hemisphere.

How tragic, then, to learn from an antipodean correspondent, that the present Dean has dedicated the completed building to a different religion:

‘ On September 16, St. John’s Cathedral in Brisbane held a service of “Choral Evensong for the Brisbane pride festival.” The church’s Facebook page posted photos of the church decked in rainbow flags, the sermon referred to the Trinity of God as the church’s “queering principle,” and according to reports, prayers were said to a “Rainbow Christ” and an “Erotic Christ”. “The Trinity is our Queering principle, that which invites us to defy binaries and labels,” Peter Catt, the cathedral’s dean, declared in a sermon entitled “Queering the City of God”. ’


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