The time has surely come, where Pope Francis is concerned, to deploy the ‘P’ word.

It is profoundly worrying when a man escalates accusations against himself – which could easily be verified or falsified in a moment – into an apocalyptic catastrophe involving the whole future of the Catholic Church.

That, without hyperbole, is what Bergoglio is doing. Witness the latest appeal for Catholics world-wide to pray the rosary, with the traditional concluding prayers, to avert the toils of the Great Accuser (aka Carlo Maria Viganò).

The historical reference – Paul V appealed for a universal recitation of the rosary to avert the Moslem threat which was ended by the Battle of Lepanto (October 7 1571) – is surely part of the grand delusion: Europe’s last absolute monarch mimicking its last crusade.

Paranoia is a big word, freighted with implications.
But probably, by this stage, there is no other word for it.


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