Not in front of the children


Rachel Treweek is the Church of England’s bishop of Gloucester and its first female diocesan. She advocates avoiding any pronoun to refer to God.  She personally prefers “to say neither ‘he’ nor ‘she’, but ‘God’. Sometimes I lapse, but I try not to.”  “I don’t want young girls or young boys to hear us constantly refer to God as he,” she said

When, nearly forty years ago, many of us were striving to prevent the ordination of women in the Church of England, William Oddie (now like many of us a Catholic) published a prophetic book, ‘What will happen to God?’. In it Oddie analysed (mostly American) feminist theology to predict the dogmatic changes inherent in the feminist agenda.

The book was universally panned by church feminists in England, who roundly condemned it and dissociated themselves from the conclusions of their more radical sisters.

Such might be the case in America; it would not happen here!

Oddie’s book was about doctrine. Others of us were, at the same time, warning that the arguments about ‘equality’ and ‘inclusion’, which were central to the case for women priests, would prove similarly useful when other partisan groups began pressuring the Church of England over gay relationships and gay marriage.

That might be the way things were going in America, we were told; but talk of radical agendas and slippery slopes was disreputable scare-mongering. It could never happen here!

Bishop Treweek and her sisters are now, belatedly, proving how right we were.

In their language about God and their support for LGBT inclusion, the women bishops of the CofE are seeking to effect the radical changes of both dogma and morals which were long ago predicted.

Either such women were incapable of grasping the inescapable implications of their own arguments; or they were culpably disingenuous from the very start.

Neither possibility is very flattering.

See: What will happen to God?  ISBN-10: 0898702119; ISBN-13: 978-0898702118
        Without Precedent. ISBN-10: 1498230814; ISBN-13: 978-1498230810



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