Mirror, mirror on the wall…


When, on the plane back from Dublin, Francis made his vow of silence about Vigano, he trusted the press to oblige him by discrediting the Archbishop and portraying him as an embittered self-publicist. Things, alas, have not gone to plan.

Der Spiegel (one of Europe’s most influential left-leaning journals) has done just the opposite, with a lengthy (19 pages) piece about the failures of the present pontificate and the Pope’s dubious past in his home country.

For some time, facts have been emerging about abuse and cover-ups in the Church in Argentina (not least from the pen of Henry ‘Marcantonio Colonna’ Sire). Der Spiegel brings these facts into a more public sphere, and asks some pertinent questions.

It is becoming clear that no amount of virtue signalling on the part of the Holy Father – expressed concerns about plastic waste and sub-Saharan migrants – is going to deflect calls for an independent and transparent investigation of current allegations –  and the unearthing of more.

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