The World Turned Upside-down


Something very remarkable is taking place.

Traditionalists in the Vigano affair are proving to be the liberals, and supporters of Francis – the Pope of the Poor; the New Broom; the epitome of tolerance and forgiveness – are proving to be the authoritarian reactionaries.

Traditionalists demand that the Pope be humble and answerable; the Liberals defend an ultramontane Papacy, which can ride roughshod over the past, in the name of an as yet unrealised future; and ignore the legitimate concerns of millions of the faithful.

Fifty-five years after John Paul I set aside the papal tiara, Francis has been re-crowned. The man who declared that the ‘carnival is over’  is being acclaimed by his friends and advisers as an absolute monarch,  with plenary authority over the doctrine of the Church.

‘The Spirit of Vatican II’ is proving more totalitarian than anyone ever expected.

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