No sooner had the accusations of Archbishop Vigano been made public than a raft of liberal commentators weighed in with a conspiracy theory. The astonishing claims, they said, were absurdly exaggerated, and part of a plot by conservative Catholics to undermine the progressive work of the Holy Father.

Such an approach clearly took its cue from the response of Francis himself to questions asked him on the flight home from Dublin. [see Silence not golden below]

But this policy (the ‘liberal conspiracy’ if you like) is already beginning to unravel.

Blase Cupich – not the sharpest knife in the box – gave an interview to NBC in which his best shot at defending the Pope was to suggest that Francis was preoccupied with more important matters, such as the migrant crisis and global warming. Rather predictably the ploy was no help either to the Pope or Cardinal Cupich. The Cardinal has now accused NBC of editing the footage in a way which distorted his meaning. NBC, in consequence, has made public the whole of the interview, in video and transcript.

Google it and judge for yourself. (As Francis might say.)

Meanwhile Ed Pentin and EWTN have been accused by Cardinal Maradiaga of wilful misrepresentation. Pentin has been described as a journalistic ‘hit man’, leaving open the question of who or what was his employer. [SSPX? Cardinal Burke? Cardinal Sarah? Vlaimir Putin?]

These claims and counter-claims are vulgar and unseemly. If allowed to continue they will make the Catholic Church an object of mirth and derision.

One man, and one alone, could put an end to it all.


Cardinal Cupich, not long after he ceased selling used cars

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