Dictator Pope


Pope Francis breaks Catholic traditions whenever he wants, because he is “free from disordered attachments.” Our Church has indeed entered a new phase: with the advent of this first Jesuit pope, it is openly ruled by an individual rather than by the authority of Scripture alone or even its own dictates of tradition plus Scripture.

So Fr Thomas Rosica on his website ‘Salt and Light’ (aka ‘Sulphur and Brimstone’).

Critics of the present Pope have not been backward in coming forward (To Change the Church: Pope Francis and the Future of Catholicism; The Political Pope: How Pope Francis Is Delighting the Liberal Left and Abandoning Conservatives; Lost Shepherd: How Pope Francis is Misleading His Flock; etc.)

But none, not even Henry Sire, has been so damningly forthright as Fr Rosica.

If anyone wants to understand the temper of this pontificate, here is the clue. It is a dictatorship careless of due process, for which scripture, tradition (and even the magisterium of recently sainted predecessors) is a mere irrelevance. There has indeed been a ‘paradigm shift’. All authority, it is being said, is now vested in one man, who is, in himself, the summation of history and the key to the future. (The very claims, as I recall, that Hermann made about Adolf.)

What Vatican I, with its carefully crafted doctrine of Infallibility, and Vatican II, with its doctrine of episcopal collegiality, sought to establish has been swept away. Papolatry rules OK!

Why little Tommy Rosica should choose to spill the beans in this way, when Francis himself is so tentative, faltering and ambiguous, is anybody’s guess. But to blame it all on Ignatius Loyola is surely a fantasy too far.


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