Box Office


The film about the Holy Father, made by Wim Wenders and referred to in ‘Praise to the Holiest’ (see June 2 below), has now been released in the UK and has been deservedly panned in the August 10 edition of The Catholic Herald.

This sycophantic portrayal of Francis as primarily a social activist striving to rescue the Church from religiosity, will delight Tablet readers and infuriate traditional Catholics in equal measure.  But the question is this: whose idea was it?

If, as has generally been supposed, the film was in any sense commissioned by the Vatican (or had the imprimatur of Bergoglio),  it would be invaluable evidence of the direction of this pontificate. There would be no need for further speculation nor grounds for disagreement.

What are Vaticanologists for if it is not to ferret out precisely this sort of information?

Ed Pentin and Sandro Magister, your hour has come.

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