False Analogy


As the absurd BoJo burka row rumbles on – more a function of the internal politics of the Conservative Party than a sensible contribution to a national debate – one comment deserves notice.

Ruth Davidson, the Scottish Tory leader, has said that the wearing of the burka is analogous to a Christian wearing a crucifix. A moment’s reflection should have indicated to Ms Davidson that the analogy is false.


  1. The crucifix does not discriminate between women and men.
  2. The crucifix does not obscure any part of the person or personal identity.
  3. The crucifix is not mandated by any culture or sect, and so is worn purely as a matter of personal preference.
  4. Failing to wear the crucifix incurs no penalty or opprobrium.



It is true that an over-zealous bureaucracy has on occasion objected to the wearing of the crucifix, in a foolish attempt to impose political correctness. But that was precisely a manifestation of the illiberal attitudes against which Mr Johnson was arguing.

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