The 5000 Cookbook

by Jorge Mario Bergoglio as told to Jamie Oliver


In this practical and lavishly illustrated collection of recipes, Pope Francis follows up his inspired teaching on the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes with suggestions of what to do with your leftovers.

‘Back home in Buenos Aires’, writes the Holy Father, ‘my mother always said to me: “Jorge, eat up your greens”.

And that is a lesson I have never forgotten. It has been the foundation of my spiritual life.

In the same way, in the scriptures, we find Jesus giving the self-same instruction: gather up the crumbs! finish your fish!

It is a gospel which can be realized in every Catholic home. It doesn’t just have to be boring old shepherd’s pie*! With my imaginative dishes you can eat exciting leftovers all week, and, if you don’t like them yourself, you can always go out with Jesus into the highways and byways and compel the poor and the stranger to come in and eat them for you.’

With 100 full page, full colour illustrations, and forewords by Delia Smith, Tina Beattie, and the Ecumenical Patriarch,

The 5000 Cookbook

is available in all good bookshop at £45 (proceeds to the Institution for Works of Religion)

*some authorities have suggested that the name of the dish betrays its apostolic origins.

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