Those books…*


Austen Ivereigh:
‘These three volumes – each a masterpiece in its own way – are the products of the ‘silent’ period of Jorge Bergoglio’s life in Argentina and Germany. They show him at work on concerns that were to become central to his papacy. It is as though, by some remarkable prescience, that he knew the destiny which was to overtake him.’

Tina Beattie:

‘In these works, Francis shows himself to be a scholar of some distinction, unravelling the complex history which lies behind the liberalising revolution which has swept through the Church. But how liberal is Francis? The jury is still out, with his attitudes to women’s ordination and homosexuality still doubtful or in the balance. The groundwork has been done; Francis should now come off the fence.’

Timothy Redcliffe, OP:

‘The ‘Three Tomes’, as they are being called, undoubtedly elevate Jorge Maria Bergoglio to the ranks of the most significant theologians of recent times, along with Hans Kung and Edward Schillebeeckx. Are we to uncover further jewels from this original and fertile mind? We must wait to see.’

Sandro Magister:

‘A computer analysis of the vocabulary of the three books, undertaken by Professor Julio Andreotti of the University of Otranto, has established conclusively that they are not by the same hand, nor were they originally written in Spanish. The search is on for the real authors of these books. Some have detected the hand of Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez; others a far larger involvement of the editor, Cardinal Kasper.
The matter is now receiving international attention. In a joint letter, the editors of the Washington Post and the New York Times have demanded that Julio Cesareo, head of the new dicastery for communications, release the original typescript for examination by a panel of experts. So far they have received no reply.’

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