Nothing succeeds like Excess


Cardinal Cupich’s bid to be the acknowledged apostle of Bergoglianism (and, in due course no doubt, custodian of the legacy and natural successor) is proceeding according to plan.

A series of seminars for bishops has been organised across the United States bringing together many of the usual suspects – advocates of a married priesthood, women’s ordination and gay marriage all

This is being done in the name of a new liberty to vary moral teaching according to local cultural circumstances.

But beware!

One thing which we learned from our captivity in the Church of England, is that such talk is specious. The liberal agenda cannot tolerate the blooming of a hundred flowers, nor a hundred schools of thought contending (as Mao put it).

The advocates of change will be as ‘rigid’ as the most extreme advocates of orthodoxy, once their object is obtained. They are already fashioning a new doctrine of Papal infallibility with which to prosecute their programme.

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