I am what I am


Much has been written about Pope Francis’s supposed ideology – the ‘Four Principles’; a youthful adherence to Peronism; and a ‘Theology of the People’. Much of this is helpful, but one cannot help suspecting that it rather misses the point.

Bergolgio (and the hyper-Bergoglians, like Cupich) are simply exponents of the current fascination with subjectivism.

People in today’s world, are what they feel. So individuals (including children) can self- designate as male or female at will. ‘Victims’ of rape and sexual abuse are always to be believed, and abusers named and shamed so that other ‘victims’ will come forward. Marriage is defined, not in terms of its biological purpose and public function, but in terms of the sentiments of the participants.

The notion, in the case of re-marriage after divorce, that pastors are to ‘accompany’ couples in a process of ‘discernment’, and that conscience in these matters (as Cardinal Cupich has said) is the very voice of God, is simply of a piece with this modern superstition.  Francis is no more than a child of his time.

Where all this will end, of course, is another matter. What happens when – as Dr Johnson might have put it – the subjectivist stubs his toe against the rock of reality?

Dealing with the fall-out from that inevitable implosion will be the task of the next pontiff.

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