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Other sources have delved into Pope Francis’s record in the Jesuit Order before he was made a bishop, and uncovered confidential reports about him. This blog can exclusively reveal the following school report:


St Francis Xavier School for Boys, Flores

Report, Spring Term, 1949.
Jorge Maria Bergoglio


Jorge has had another term fraught with difficulties with fellow pupils. On several occasions he has had to be cautioned about his use of bad language and restrained during bouts of uncontrollable rage. Though he can seem all sweetness and light when it suits him to do so, other boys go genuinely in fear of him. He is, in consequence, a divisive influence in the school.
Jorge’s lack of psychological balance is a cause of concern to his form teacher, who feels unable to recommend him for any position of responsibility when he moves up to the Middle School next year.
There is no doubt about the boy’s abilities – his Latin, for example continues to improve; but he lacks consistency and concentration. It is hard to know what he really thinks about anything. Jorge has the irritating habit of saying whatever he supposes will please at the time.
As to his ambition to enter the priesthood, Fr Kolvenbach, the school Chaplain, has considerable reservations. He would, according to the chaplain, be better suited to selling insurance or used cars.

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