What are ‘British Values’ – or for that matter, ‘European Values’? It has become almost de rigueur for politicians of any hue to appeal to them. But to what, precisely, are they appealing? Events are gradually making matters clearer.

A local authority in England recently authorised a questionnaire of ten-year old school children  asking whether they felt ‘comfortable in their gender’. An outcry from educationalists and parliamentarians resulted in its rapid withdrawal. But you can be sure that this is an initiative of which we have not heard the last.

The European Parliament, meanwhile, has threatened steps (including suspension from the European Council) if Poland goes ahead with legislation to ban abortion on the grounds that the unborn child is disabled. It would be, said a resolution of the Parliament, ‘a serious breach of European values’. Poland was further urged to ‘take a firm stand on women’s rights, by providing free and accessible contraception without discrimination’.

British Values and European Values, it seems are inevitably at odds with the values of Christians (and Muslims). They are the values of the European Enlightenment, chief among which is a doctrinaire attachment to the notion of equality.

Men and women, it is claimed, are equal and equivalent. And where differences are apparent, the Law must iron them out. They are merely ‘the same thing with different fittings’; and in order to demonstrate that fact they must be enabled to change those fittings at will!

Motherhood is no longer esteemed as a vocation rooted in biology, but as an inconvenience to be ameliorated by the medical profession.

Equality is deemed, by these people, to be self-evidently desirable; it is a primary function of the state to bring it about – irrespective of the fact that in operation it is often self-contradictory, and that it will always prove unstable even when achieved.

‘Mr Jefferson has told us that all men are created equal. But in what are they equal? In stature? In beauty? In intelligence? Every ploughboy knows that in these things they are not equal. Jefferson had better have said that all men are equally created, and equally subject to the Divine mercy and judgement’

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