Published by SPCK, the most recent offering from the Church of England’s Liturgical Commission breaks new ground theologically and in Inter-faith relations.

‘Jingle Bells!’ is a do-it-yourself theme pack enabling parish liturgy groups to unite with their opposite numbers in the local mosque or madrassa to create a joint celebration of Mawlid al-Nabi and our own familiar Christmas.

How much we have in common!

In this Advent season when we prepare to remember the babe of Bethlehem, we join with our Muslim sisters and brothers as they recall the birth of their Prophet.

And we remember with gratitude that Jesus is a prophet for them, too! So Mawlid/Christmas is a family event for us all!

Jingle Bells!’ includes a special section of activities for use in primary schools, sermon outlines for clergy, imams and church leaders, and suggestions for appropriate theology-neutral hymns and worship songs.

‘In an increasingly secular world,’ says Archbishop Justin Welby, in commending this new resource, ‘we need all the prophets we can get.’


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