Decisions, decisions

Announcement Of Prince Harry's Engagement To Meghan Markle
Dear Frank,

Who would be an Archbishop of Canterbury? I tell you it’s all go. If it isn’t same sex marriage, it’s transsexualism. And even then the unexpected emerges to entrap you.

Take the forthcoming royal wedding: not at all plain sailing from my point of view. The girl is an unbaptized divorcee. That, of course, would not matter to a Catholic – her first marriage would simply be declared invalid. But we, in the Church of England, recognize civil marriages – so technically I can’t marry them, and they will have to go off to a register office, like Charles and Camilla.

OK, you might say, let them do it.

But think of the consequences. Royal nuptials are good box office. A wedding in Westminster Abbey or St George’s Windsor is worth countless millions to the tourist trade. Can I let the economy suffer on a mere matter of principle?

Then there is the Trump state visit. Personally, I want nothing to do with the man. I can’t imagine why a Christian would vote for him or want to meet him. But if there is a banquet at the palace I shall have to go. It’s all right for Sentamu to chop up his dog collar in protest (a gratuitous bit of attention seeking in my opinion) but as head of the State Church I hardly have an option.

So Trump it is… and Meghan for the altar. How far we have come since Wallis Simpson!

Well, there you are! I have unburdened myself as usual. And at a time when you have the minefield of Myanmar to negotiate. Good luck.

Your friend,


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