Ecumenical text


Doctrine, as the Holy Father himself has said, should be dynamic, flexible and responsive to pastoral needs.

In consequence, a new initiative has been entrusted to Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn. He is to lead an ecumenical, interfaith team to revise the Catechism of the Catholic Church to respond to the theological and moral diversity which is the modern world.

The commission, which will include Lutherans, Calvinists, scholars from the Al-Azhar University and the Dalai Lama, will have the task of putting together Pope Francis’s random reflections and sporadic insights into a coherent and seamless whole, guiding not only the Catholic Church but the entire planet for the rest of the century.

‘It is an exciting project, in which I am honoured to play my part,’ said Schoenborn in an interview in Die Zeit. ‘I am only sorry that Richard Dawkins and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow have declined my invitation to join us.’

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