Mason’s Arms


Jonathan Baker is a divorced and remarried bishop of the Church of England who renounced a senior position in Freemasonry in order to secure his elevation to the episcopate.

Readers of this blog will ask themselves how this accords with scripture and how, in any case, one can resign from a secret society.

Baker is, as well as his episcopal functions as Bishop of Fulham, parish priest of St Andrew’s Holborn in central London. The images here are of a fashion show which recently took place in his church. Charity might conclude that in allowing the show Bishop Baker had taken his eye off the ball, or leave of his senses.

Remembering that Baker was once Chairman of the traditionalist grouping Forward in Faith, readers will also want to ask themselves what is the significance, for Bishop Jonathan’s ministry, of the Masonic and demonic imagery and why it was permitted in his Church.

The images which follow can will seem to many little short of folly.

baker 1


baker 2




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