Fourth Reich


Fair is foul and foul is fair’, sing Macbeth’s witches.

But few inversions of values can have been as dramatic and significant as that recently agreed by the European Parliament. The nations of the West (and almost all societies elsewhere) have traditionally viewed abortion as a crime – the slaughter of the innocents. And they have universally affirmed the duty of mothers (and fathers) to guard the life of their child, to cherish and nurture it.

The opposite is true of the European Union.

In a recent enactment they have turned those moral principles on their head. Previously it was held that abortion was wrong because it was a form of violence against the unborn. The Union now maintains that to deny women the right to abortion is an act of violence against them.

[The European Union] ‘Strongly affirms that the denial of sexual and reproductive health and rights services, including safe and legal abortion, is a form of violence against women and girls; reiterates that women and girls must have control over their bodies and sexualities; calls on all the Member States to guarantee comprehensive sexuality education, ready access for women to family planning, and the full range of reproductive and sexual health services, including modern contraceptive methods and safe and legal abortion’

And this despite contradictory legislation in some of the countries of the twenty-seven.

Catholic Christians will ask themselves ‘What next?’, in a polity where opposing sin has been made a crime.


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