The Jesuit Brief



           The Pandaemonium Club


My Dear Wormwood,

I could not agree with you more. The Nashville Statement is a serious blow to our cause. Gender confusion has without doubt been our most successful recent tactic in undermining the enemy. But it is gratifying to note that your own assiduous work with Fr James Martin SJ has saved the day.

Jesuits make willing and amenable patients (as you have discovered in the case of Bergoglio).

The key to success in these matters is never directly to contradict any saying of the enemy. Rather to take an authentic saying out of context, exaggerate its importance and elevate it to a guiding principle.

The enemy, as everybody knows, goes on a good deal about judgement, fire and brimstone, gnashing of teeth and all that.  But our task is to major on the other side of his (in my opinion) immature and unbalanced personality. We must emphasise compassion and tolerance, which humans find very attractive. ‘Judge not that you be not judged’ is the line to go for, especially since you already have Francis on your side.

Once you have established that there is no significant difference between tolerance and indifference, almost anything goes: abortion, euthanasia, paedophilia, even genocide. No crime is so heinous that it cannot confidently be left to private judgement.

And, of course, the family – the very heart of the enemy’s moral strategy – can then be effectively dismantled, autonomous choice by autonomous choice, with no possible recourse to divine or natural law.

It’s perfectly diabolical! I trust that your sterling work will be suitably acknowledged by Her Infernal Majesty. A KCL&B* at the very least.

Your admiring uncle,

Permanent Undersecretary to the Ministry of Offence.

*Knight Commander of the Order of Lucifer and Beelzebub, the highest award made in the Infernal Civil Service – Editor

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