Virtue Signalling


The principle of ensuring each person’s dignity “obliges us to always prioritize personal safety over national security.”’

So says Pope Francis referring to the refugee crisis which continues throughout Europe and threatens to overwhelm the countries on its borders.

Note the dogmatism. The head of a miniscule state, with none of the normal responsibilities of government – defence, education, health, social welfare – feels free to pronounce on the policy obligations of those who have just those concerns. And added to all that, the onerous task of combating terrorism.

Small wonder that the people of Hungary, for example, whose subjection to Islamic rule is a lively memory, are not impressed.

No relativism here from Francis! One size fits all! The Pope who has said: ‘Who am I to judge?’ (on a matter about which scripture is clear and definitive) nevertheless seems confident in prejudging the pragmatic decisions of those whose responsibilities he does not have to shoulder and whose political circumstances he cannot possibly know.

The leaders of Europe, taking decisions about the refugee crisis, know that they face irreversible consequences, personal and national, if they take the wrong decision. The Holy Father has no such culpability.

Virtue signalling of this sort is surely unhelpful, and ultimately damaging to the authority of the Holy See.

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