Bergoglio Promotions


By popular demand Ditta Jorge Mario Bergoglio is offering for sale (exclusively through this website) high quality novelty goods which every Catholic will want.

You have the SUPERPOPE © tee-shirt now you will want to collect:

The SUPERPOPE © coffee mug (comes in three pontifical sizes: merciful, simple, and frugal).
The SUPERPOPE © tea towel (as used by the Holy Father to dry dishes in the Casa Santa Martha).
GAME OF MITRES ©, the SUPRERPOPE ©  interactive game for all the family (featuring the infamous St Gallen Group ™)
Children will love the SUPERPOPE © balloon (filled, of course, with nothing but hot air)
Special orders can be taken for the SUPERPOPE pillow and duvet set (treat yourself to a plenary indulgence every night of your life!).

We are sorry that the SUPERPOPE ©  waxwork, so popular for church sanctuaries throughout the world, and especially in South America, has had to be discontinued

Customers will, however, be delighted to note that we have recently completed, with a company in Taiwan, an order for 500,000 life-size inflatable SUPERPOPES © which we hope will be delivered in time for Christmas.

Watch this space for further merchandizing!


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