The Amoris Laetita Audit




For those who find it hard to keep up with the heady excitements of Catholic Moral Theology, this blog proposes to keep a running tally of positions and opinions world-wide.


The current state of play in the struggle to change the Church’s doctrine on marriage, divorce and penance is that there has so far been:


  • papal approval of a draft statement by a group of Argentine bishops of the Rio de la Plata region that opens the door to the reception of Holy Communion by divorced and civilly remarried Catholics;
  • an affirmation by Cardinal Müller that Holy Communion cannot be given to those living in a state of adultery;
  • publication by the pope’s own newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, of the statement by the Bishops of Malta that couples in invalid second marriages can receive Holy Communion if they at are at peace in their conscience with that decision;
  • reaffirmation by the Bishops of Poland that the teaching and discipline enunciated by St. John Paul II in Familiaris Consortio have not changed, and that only those civilly remarried couples who live as brother and sister may be admitted to Holy Communion;
  • a statement by the Archbishop of Philadelphia saying the same thing;
  • statements by the bishops of Belgium and Germany agreeing with the bishops of Malta and Rio del La Plata, Argentina.

Watch this space for further fascinating developments.

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