Ask the Archbishop



In our new series, agony uncle Justin Welby answers your questions.

Questions should be addressed to:
The Most Reverend, the Archbishop of Canterbury,
Lambeth Palace,
London SE1 7JU



Dear Archbishop,

I have recently suffered an unexpected set back in my career, and, as a grammar school girl, I find myself vulnerable to bullying public schoolboys in my place of work. I believe I still have useful work to do, but wonder if I can go on under such stress. What do you advise?

Theresa, Maidenhead.

Dear Theresa,

I am the last person to give advice about dealing with Old Etonians. But my own experience is that success at work is not everything. Indeed I have very little of it myself! Fulfilment comes in many ways: home and family; nature and the countryside; sports and hobbies; foreign travel.

My advice is to get out more. When I feel bogged down by the intransigence of things (and believe me I do!) I just jet off to some far flung place and put it all behind me.  Believe me things look different from an African or Far Eastern perspective.

Of course, as the Archbishop of a world-wide Communion of over 85 million people, there is always somewhere to get away to. You may find it more difficult. But there must be somewhere – Dalmatia, Casablanca, Bognor – where you can be yourself.

‘Quality time for me’ – that’s what you need.

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