The nebulous nature of Anglican doctrine (‘what the Church of England is teaching for the time being’) has long been the butt of humour. Now its emptiness is official.

The Diocese of Truro (proprietor one Tim Thornton, soon to be elevated as bag-carrier to the Archbishop of Canterbury) has advertised in The Guardian (where else?) for a ‘Strategic Programme Manager’ for its ‘Transforming Mission’ initiative.

S/he, the advertisement tells us, ‘need not be a practising Christian’.

How this faithless missioner will increase faith is not explained. But one can be sure that the mealy-mouthed managerial-speak in which the job is described will have alienated any red-blooded Christian at the mere reading of it.

The unbelieving applicant would, nevertheless, need to be ‘sympathetic to the aims and objectives of the Church of England’. Whatever they may be.

The same tolerant and inclusive language will no doubt be useful in the forthcoming appointment of a new bishop.

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