In-flight Entertainer

Predictably, on the flight back from Fatima (where, according to some reports, the Holy Father commanded more devotion than the Blessed Sacrament), Pope Francis gave the assembled press the benefit of his opinions on a number of subjects.

As appears from the official transcript, little is gained from theses interviews.

The message of Our Lady of Fatima is one of peace. We must speak of peace. Even atheists want us to speak of peace.
The Pope never judges people before he has listened to them; and that principle will apply to his meeting with President Trump.
The Pope knows no more than his interlocutor about collusion between NGOs and people traffickers.
The Pope is personally disinclined to credit the Medjugorje apparitions.
Marie Collins is a very nice lady.

With all due respect to the Holy Father all this is little more than trivial.

What is significant about these media-fests, however, is not what is revealed by them, but that they take place at all. They inflame the personality cult which is already a problem with Francis, and they fuel the popular confusion between his opinions (fallible and confused as they sometimes are) and the teaching of the Magisterium.

The Pope is not an absolute monarch, whose word is law. He is more like a Supreme Court, whose judgement on the meaning of the law should be duly measured and properly circumspect, precisely because it is final.

                                             The King,             Louis,            King Louis

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